Information for New Patients

If you are having a first consultation, please read the following information:

  • I abide by strict hygiene protocols which are stipulated by the British Acupuncture Council.
  • I adhere to the Data Protection Act, and will keep personal details safe and inaccessible to anyone but myself. I am legally bound to keep records for 7 years. For more information see our Privacy Notice
  • All needles are single use, sterile, and only opened during the treatments.
  • I abide by confidentiality rules at all times, unless there is a danger to yourself, or a member of the public, in which case I have a responsibility to contact the appropriate authority.
  • Occasionally there may be adverse effects of the treatment, such as bruising or bleeding, and sometimes some feelings of extreme tiredness. Bruising responds well to Arnica topical cream and tablets which can be purchased over the counter in most Chemists. If feeling tired, it can be useful after a first treatment to not overdo things, and take it as easy as possible. It can be helpful to also drink lots of water, and have as much rest as possible.
  • When I am administering a cupping treatment, there will most likely be bruising which will be present for a few days. I will explain this at each treatment, and only proceed with your understanding of this.
  • I will call you the day after your appointment to check how you are feeling, and to assess whether there have been any effects of treatment.
  • I will explain how many treatments which would be optimal to treat your symptoms, so you are able to plan and book ahead if you choose. I endeavour to use as few treatments as possible. Chronic conditions which have been present for years may take longer to get under control, as well as when suffering from several conditions at once. It can be useful to think of Acupuncture as a course of medication which needs more than a few doses. However once symptoms are under control, or have gone completely, it may be useful to consider maintenance treatments, which may have a regularity of one appointment monthly, or every 6 weeks, or seasonal treatments every three months, depending on what conditions are being treated.