I started treatment with Shona as I was experiencing chronic migraines and daily headaches for a
period of 7 months, following a bad reaction to a vaccine. I had tried all types of medication and it
was completely debilitating.
I could not recommend Shona enough for anybody considering acupuncture. After only three
sessions I experienced great improvement with my headaches and the frequency of my migraines
is now far more manageable. It has allowed me to get my life back. I have also experienced a
reduction in anxiety since attending these treatments.
Her approach to treatment is impeccable and her holistic approach really made me feel as though
we were considering all options and looking into the effects on my general wellbeing, as well as
specifically targeting the headaches. Her warm and friendly approach really made the whole
experience extremely comfortable, and I felt like I could ask as many questions as I needed to. I
feel passionately about this positive review as my treatment with Shona has really improved my
quality of life, and she herself is a lovely person which made me feel at ease about the whole