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Shona has been treating me for migraines and has become an integral part of my overall programme to keep them under control. She has a very down to earth and understanding approach creating a comfortable and relaxed environment. Shona really listens to your issues and puts you at ease with the whole sticking needles in you thing! I come away from the sessions feeling totally chilled out and the intensity and frequency of my migraines definitely decrease. Acupuncture sessions with Shona are that little oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic schedule!



Shona put me at ease from the start. She listened carefully to me, asked questions sensitively and made me feel very safe. Her physical assessment was carried out with a quiet confidence and she explained in everyday language her thoughts behind my findings and her plan for treatment. I was nervous about the actual insertion of the needles but Shona’s calm nature reassured me and – I needn’t have worried, it was totally painless. The treatment itself felt deeply relaxing. The whole experience felt restorative and nurturing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.



I went to see Shona for Acupuncture as I was so fed up of constantly feeling tired, with really low energy and brain fog and generally feeling under par with other menopausal symptoms that were getting me down.

Shona is wonderfully intuitive and knowledgeable and after a full health consultation she was able to make a quick decision on the best choice of treatment. I was astounded by how much Shona could diagnose from her initial examination of me. Shona is gentle, very calm, personable and highly professional in her approach which put me at ease immediately. She constantly checked that I was ok and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Shona! Thank you so much for the huge improvement I have felt in my energy levels and general wellbeing since your treatments. I feel more grounded, clear headed and balanced. I feel that I have been given a huge boost that has improved my quality of life dramatically and this is only after two treatments! I would totally recommend anyone who is suffering with negative symptoms of the menopause to book in for Acupuncture with Shona. It can be life changing!



Shona has been so supportive and empathetic throughout my treatment. I would fully recommend her for treatments. I have had a huge improvement in my migraine symptoms. Shona has been great at altering her treatments depending on the symptoms on the day, and is so enthusiastic and caring.



When I was on holiday in the UK, I was treated by Shona for pain and stiffness associated with Ankylosing Spondylitis, which had flared up on my flight. She also treated me for symptoms associated with the menopause (tiredness, sleeplessness, and general lack of energy.)

Shona was lovely and easy to talk to, she made me feel very comfortable and at ease talking about my condition. After answering her questions on my medical background, she explained in detail her course of treatment.

Her treatment was very gentle and her knowledge and professionalism put me at ease very quickly. She made sure I was comfortable at all times, and had a very calm and gentle presence throughout the treatment.

I would definitely recommend Shona to anyone with Ankylosing Spondylitis and the flare ups associated with this autoimmune disease. After my treatment I had less pain, and did not require my normal weekly pain medications for the next month, was able to sleep well, and felt a lot better within myself.

Thank you Shona for helping to ease the pain. I will definitely be booking more treatments the next time I am in the UK.



Shona is the ultimate professional. She works really hard to give the best treatments possible.


Washington, Sussex

07889 889 069